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Manoir du Vaugarny
Historical French Accommodation

  • Gite de charme en Bretagne

    Gite de charme en Bretagne

La Boulangerie, 4 people

Looking for a cosy and authentic french place in Brittany? Choose Manoir du Vaugarny.

In this 45sq m low ceilinged (1m90) former bake house you can relax and savour the charm of old beams and stonework walls.
With its restoration, we have focused on both comfort and authenticity, choosing high-end materials to make your stay agreeable.
 It is equipped with two bedrooms (high quality king size beds), a bathroom (large shower) and an open-plan living room and kitchen area.

Looking for a lovely place to stay surrounded by countryside?  Choose Manoir du Vaugarny.

Whether resting on a sun lounger, lounging in the hammock or preparing the barbecue, you can admire the spectacular view of the manor house from your private garden.
The three cottages are situated in 17th century outbuildings 100 metres from the Manor House. It is the only property at the end of a private lane surrounded by beautiful countryside and wildlife.
Both La Boulangerie and Le Logis are independent and not overlooked, and with free Wifi.
Each has its own private sunny garden, patio, barbecue, quality outdoor furniture and parking spaces to ensure the privacy of your stay.

First year opening 2015

Our guest feed back

Manoir du Vaugarny is partner of the most beautiful chateau to visit in Brittany. Château le Rocher Portail.

We offer your tickets (for a week stay) to visit the château Le Rocher Portail during your stay : open 1st May to 15th Sept.

Historical Bakehouse VaugarnyVacances historiques en Bretagne

Vacances entre amis en Bretagne

Cassiopee La BoulangerieLa Grande Ourse La Boulangerie

Private patio La Boulangerie

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