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Manoir du Vaugarny
Historical French Accommodation

  • Romantic cottage just for two

    Romantic cottage just for two

Le Logis, just for 2

Looking for a very romantic place in Brittany? Choose Manoir du Vaugarny

In this spacious 65sq m cottage you can admire panoramic views of the village church, which overlooks the orchard, take advantage of the intimate garden and private patio or relax in front of the hearth.
This 17th century dwelling has been tastefully restored with a rustic feel. This is a just for two perfect place to spend a magical moment for any special occasion.
It is made up of one bedroom (king size bed), a bathroom (large shower) and a vast open-plan living room and kitchen area decorated with antiques.

Looking for french culture and french history? Choose Manoir du Vaugarny

The three cottages are situated in 17th century outbuildings 100 metres from the Manor House. There are the only property at the end of a private lane surrounded by beautiful countryside and wildlife.
Both La Boulangerie and Le Logis are independent and not overlooked.Both with free Wifi.
Each has its own private spacious and sunny garden, patio, barbecue, quality outdoor furniture and parking spaces to ensure the privacy of your stay.

First year opening 2015

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Manoir du Vaugarny is partner of Château le Rocher Portail

Come and visit the most beautiful and furnished château of Brittany. 
We offer you tickets (for a week stay) to visit château le Rocher Portail during your stay opening 1st May to 15th Sept.

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Manoir du Vaugarny - Vaugarny-35460 ST ETIENNE EN COGLES